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Step onto the tranquil, powerful path of yoga for a life infused with calm, strength, and health! In just 60 minutes a day, unlock a pain-free journey to a healthier lifestyle—it’s your sacred hour, your escape from it all. Reserve your tailored yoga session now and embrace a serene transformation!

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You Call Me Lima

Experience Me: A sports enthusiast since age 6! Sounds young, right? But it was 11 years ago that I soared into the Taekwondo national arena, reigning as a champion for three remarkable years! Injuries halted my championship journey, leading me to dive into physiotherapy.


Discovery and Love: Eight years back, during my recovery, I discovered yoga. Its incredible healing prowess amazed me! Love blossomed, and I became enamored with yoga’s transformative magic. 

My passion grew into a mission: Aiding those, like me, who battled injuries. I yearn to reshape lives, fostering mental and physical well-being, one soul at a time!

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