International Insurance Marketplace Enters the New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits (NJ TDB) Market for the First Time Thanks to RELATED

August 27, 2020

The Challenge

In 2012, an international insurance marketplace representing underwriters from more than a dozen syndicates entered the New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits (NJ TDB) market for the first time in its history utilizing RELATED’s systems, staff, and expertise.

The Solution

With no domestic or administrative presence, the client exclusively relied upon RELATED to provide a comprehensive insurance program inclusive of policy, premium, and claims administration. RELATED’s ability to seamlessly deliver end-to-end NJ TDB product services that continuously complied with state law and exceeded both policyholder and claimant expectations was second to none.

The Results

Their efforts resulted in more than $50,000,000 of new premiums to underwriters in just three years without any up-front investment as well as a lower ongoing and overall cost than domestic insurers.